Each year brings about new home design trends and one of the most popular rooms to study is the kitchen.  Looking at trend studies can provide inspiration for homeowners considering updating or remodeling their kitchens, so check out these findings from Houzz Report:

Organization and decluttering are top priorities.    75% of homeowners want clutter-free countertops and 63% said adequate storage was the most important feature in a kitchen.  Custom storage options have become popular and wine bar cabinets

Countertops are getting a new look. Most commonly upgraded feature in the kitchen as well as the one homeowners are most willing to splurge on. Engineered quartz has gained popularity over granite.

Open Layouts are in.  Half of renovating homeowners open their kitchen to other interior spaces, with a completely open transition or double doors being the most common.

Design is transitional.  Homeowners are leaning toward transitional, contemporary and farmhouse styles. And they are choosing shaker-style and flat-panel cabinets over raised-panel.

Color? White is a predominant color chosen for cabinets, countertops, walls and backsplashes, while wood is the top choice for floors. Natural wood is still the most popular, but homeowners are starting to choose engineered wood.