8 Questions to help you Declutter

One of the reasons homes don’t sell or don’t sell as fast or for as much is clutter.  Some homes are worse than others.  If you’ve been in your home for years, chances are you may have held onto something from your younger years as well as other family member’s prized and treasured possessions.  You’ll find things you didn’t know you have.  I’m a real estate agent, you hire me to sell your home, not devise an organization system.  I think there’s a Netflix show with Maria Kondo for help with that.  I’m just giving you advice to quickly and efficiently start to go through your home in order to get it ready for it’s market debut !

1. Have I used this in the last year?

Not only has this never been used, the box is still sealed. I’m sure Bagel Master in Syosset can make a better sandwich in less time and less aggravation!


2.  If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?

Another item I didn’t know I had…..nor do I know anyone that could use this.

3.  Is the only thing that’s keeping me from disposing this item that I don’t want to waste money?

If it’s clothing or something in good shape that someone else could get use out of, consider donating.  If you are concerned about wasting money, E-Bay may be an option.

4.  Am I holding onto this for sentimental value?

This is hard one.  Some items bring back memories that we want to keep. Get a box (1 box) for those items and revisit.

5.  Do I have a similar item that serves the same purpose?

Water Bottles, Sports Bottles, Coffee Cups, Soup mugs, shaker cups,etc. How many do you have?



6.  Do I have a realistic plan to use this?

Realistically, if I need to send cut fruit to someone, I’m calling Edible Arrangements in Syosset, to deliver it.


7.  Does it fit me or my living space?

Do you have too many coffee tables or furniture that takes away from the size of your room?


8.  Am I holding on to the broken item to fix in the future?


I am positive that the second I throw the headless Pillsbury Dough Boy out, the head is going to magically appear.